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Sir Bell Siqq is Siqq the Gritt, owner and founder of 2TheMoonMusic. One of the realest you will ever meet or hear, in or out the booth.

Very passionate and surreal artist who creates music based off real life situations.

Sir  Bell Siqq is simply the truth.....representing the real players and hustlers across the globe! "I'm deep up in the game like a great lake surrounded by haters, rats, and snakes.....despite my surrounding and circumstances, I mange to stay above the water and get my flow on, so I could avoid drowning.......I put my life into my music so if you love fact over fiction get up with ya boy Sir Bell Siqq and 2TheMoonMusic."

Two weeks after releasing his first album the Hit List in 2002, Sir bell Siqq was incarcerated and severed 27 months with 11 months of parole. Once released he began working on the second album Shadow of death which was released in 2006.

Next Mix Disc Vol. 1 was released in 2007 and last Shame the Devil Tell the Truth was released in 2009.

2TheMoonMusic has sold thousands of Cd's from the Hit  List and Shadow of Death.

Sir Bell Siqq has also went on tour with 103.3 radio station, hosted by Richard Herring touring states include Kansas, Missouri and Illinois and much more.

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Sir Bell Siqq | The Hit List | CD Baby Music Store

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Click Here For the Official Sir Bell SiQQ MySpace !!

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Sir Bell Siqq is available for features, private shows, public events, promoting and marketing and independent music.

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